The basic part of the screw pump is a central pipe onto which the screw line segments are welded. The screw line carries the pumped medium up. The high transportation capacity, robust and simple construction and extreme operating life make the screw pump applicable in a wide range of areas. Screw pumps are mainly applied in the transportation of industrial waters and waters with a content of solid parts, such as rocks, sand, cans, glass and other material that the screw pump is able to transport without getting damaged. Screw pumps can be also used for the transportation of loose material, particularly in agriculture. 


screw pump

Main Areas of Application:

●     Municipal water purification plants

●     Drainage of flood release basins

●     Transport of sludge

●     Irrigation systems

●     Various types of industrial waters

●     Paper and recycling industry

●     Petrochemical industry.

●     Transport of water for water park attractions

Main Advantages of Screw Pumps:

●     High efficiency

●     Low operating costs

●     Simple solution with extreme resistance

●     No risk of clogging

●     Very long operating life

●     High variability of the range of the pumping capacity

●     Easy regulation

●     Zero risk of cavitation 

Basic Parameters

Screw Diameter Up to 4 m
Pumping Head Up to 12 m
Volume of the Pumped
Up to 11,000 l/s (one pump)
Angle 30 to 40° 
Efficiency Up to 86 % 






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Screw pump


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