Screw water motors are a highly reliable tool in the production of electric power from renewable resources with a minimum impact on the environment. It is modern application of technology that was known as the Archimedes screw pump as early as in ancient Greece. This water motor can be characterized as an even-pressure turbine that utilizes the effect of the water mass on the screw blades to run them. The force of the water is then transferred to the gearbox and the generator through the screw blades.

The main area of application of the Archimedean screw technology is for localities with head from 1 m to 10 m and flow rate of up to 18.0 m /s (per 1 turbine).

Archimedean screw turbines are often used thanks to their lower price, lower investment demands of the construction and the capability to produce the same or higher quantity of energy per year as against commonly used turbines.

We can prepare a comparison with other available technologies in each particular locality, technical documents with the suggested parameters, technical guarantees and a financial plan.

Main Advantages of Archimedean screw tubines:

●     Efficient use of low head

●     Significant reduction in the construction costs of a small hydraulic power plant

●     Lower time demands for the construction

●     Pump efficiency of up to 92%

●     Reliable construction

●     Long operating life

●     Low maintenance costs

●     Utilization of a wide scope of the water flow rate

●     Flow regulation using variable speed of the screw turbine

●     No risk of cavitation

●     Full downstream fish migration

●     The regulation according to the current flow rate keeps the required water level

●     Easy application in reconstruction of existing localities (sluices, floodgates, water dams, old waterways, irrigation canals etc.).

Basic Parameters

Flow Rate From 0.2 to 18.0 m /s (the flow rate can be increased by a parallel installation of several turbines) 
Screw Diameter  From 0.8 to 5.0 m 
Head  From 0.8 to 10 m 
Efficiency  Up to 92 % 
Output of One Turbine  Up to 650 kW per turbine


Download the Archimedes Screw Turbine Catalogue

Archimedes screw turbine

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